Sybil Atteck Piece Selected For Publication By Phaidon Press

Sybil Atteck Piece Selected For Publication By Phaidon Press

This important work has been selected for publication, as below:
” …………a new book to be published by Phaidon Press provisionally called Great Women Painters, to be published in Fall 2022……………

The book will showcase 400 female painters from around the world from the fifteenth century to today and has been conceived as a companion volume to Great Women Artists (2019). The book will be part of Phaidon’s bestselling, critically acclaimed series of A-to-Z art surveys, including The Art Book (1994; 2012; 2020), The Photography Book (1997; 2014), The Chinese Art Book (2013), and the upcoming African Artists: From 1882 to Now (publishing October 2021). We would very much like to include the following work, if possible:
  • Sybil Atteck, Flag Wavers, 1958, oil on canvas, 10.5 x 15.5″
Additionally, the vendor has significantly reduced the price, for personal reasons, only until end December 2021.


ANTIQUES. Grand Old Style Ellersie Park House Contents For Sale

ANTIQUES. Grand Old Style Ellersie Park House Contents For Sale


Grand Old Ellerslie House Contents Are Now For Sale

Over 200 Antique Items


folding card tables

drop leaf tables

dining tables

antique mirrors

plant stands

general furniture


antique dinnerware and ornaments

garden and verandah furniture.

19 – 21 Feb 2021

10 A.M. – 2 P.M.


Viewing by appointment in Ellerslie Park, Port Of Spain.

Call Mark 678-0460 or Dulcie 686-7943

for an appointment and location.

Rare Cazabon On Offer – Views Of Trinidad, 1851​

Rare Cazabon On Offer - Views Of Trinidad, 1851

We have in stock an exceedingly rare complete folio



original covers


18 lithographs with separation pages

and list of subscribers.

In 35 years of research, I have only located some 12 to 15 complete copies, now 170 years old. 

There are many loose individual images located, but the complete folio is rare. 

As a purist, I wish to offer it for sale as a complete folio; (I have many clients who would happily snap up individual prints at a high price, but I prefer to keep the folio intact).

Please see these results below, easily verifiable on the internet.

The folio is for sale using the above proven results as a guideline.

Below a few images from “Views Of Trinidad, 1851”

Just In Time: Dunieski Sculptures

Just In Time: Dunieski Sculptures

Just In Time For Your Last Minute Purchase

4 New Sculptures



Please Call 678 0460

To make an appointment to view them.

Cazabon New Perspectives Book – End Of Stock Offer

100% Trini – A cultural treasure of Trinidad and Tobago –

A wholly Trinidadian publication – from the artist Cazabon, to the contributing authors, to the printing – all proudly Trinidadian.

A Perfect Gift For Friends and Family.

A publication from Mark Pereira | 101 Art Gallery following a 35-year history of publishing several art-related books of the highest standard.

Hard Cover NOW – $200

Soft Cover NOW – $100

9 x 10.25 inches

124 pages

108 colour images

Featuring essays by

Kenwyn Crichlow
Jackie Hinkson
Mark N Pereira
Judy Raymond

Hard cover copies are limited and only available at 101 Art Gallery for $500

Soft cover copies are available at 

101 Art Gallery

Nigel Khan Bookstores (Islandwide)


Horizon Art Gallery

Art Society Of TT

Cazabon has a special place in the hearts of Trinidadians … He’s considered a pioneer, and indeed in some respects he was. Even more importantly, we think of Cazabon as one of us. He was a Trinidadian, of mixed race, and his work evokes pride and nostalgia and a sense of pleasing familiarity.

Cazabon was highly trained and highly self-conscious artist-he had to be, given who he was and the time and place he worked in. He was romantic, but far from naìve. His paintings are not simply arbitrary appealing scences … But a kind of tunnel vision. His skill is to persuade the viewer to look at his landscapes with the same narrow focus.

Who Is Cazabon?

Michel-Jean Cazabon (September 20, 1813 – November 20, 1888) is regarded as the first great Trinidadian painter and is Trinidad’s first internationally known artist. He is also known as the layman painter. He is renowned for his paintings of Trinidad scenery and for his portraits of planters, merchants and their families in the 19th century. Cazabon’s paintings are to be cherished not only for their beauty but also their historical importance: his painting has left us with a clear picture of the many aspects of life in Trinidad through much of the 19th century.