The Sybil Atteck Biography Project

The Sybil Atteck Biography Project

Sybil Atteck BFA CMG (1911-1975) was the inspiration for the founding of the Trinidad and Tobago Art Society and the most influential pioneer and leader in the development of the Fine Arts in the preceding, during, and post Independence period in Trinidad and Tobago. Sybil Atteck exhibited widely in Trinidad and Tobago and abroad. She held numerous one-man shows in Trinidad and Tobago, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Brasil, Jamaica, across the Caribbean and the Bahamas. She represented the nation at major international art exhibitions, such as: The Royal Society of British Artists in London, England; Commonwealth Arts Festival in London, England; Huston International Gulf Artists Exhibition in Texas, USA; Biennale Sao Paulo, Brasil; Expo 67 in Montreal, Canada; and many more. The “Art Gallery Sybil Atteck” operated first out of the Hilton Hotel from 1962 to 1966, and at the Salvatori Building downtown Port of Spain from 1965 to 1974. Her artworks sold in Trinidad and internationally.Keith Atteck, the nephew of the artist, is undertaking the research to capture and preserve Sybil Atteck’s legacy. Now is the time to capture and document everything that can be found to generate a comprehensive biographic profile and art catalog of this artist.

The Sybil Atteck Biography Project is:

  • Collecting all documentation pertaining to Sybil Atteck’s life and work.
  • Searching for her artworks in public, institutional, and private collections.
  • Collecting high quality images of Sybil Atteck’s artworks for a digital catalogue.
  • Gathering personal memories and stories about Sybil Atteck for her biography.

Do you have, or know someone who has, a Sybil Atteck original painting?

Do you have documentation or information you would like to contribute?Do you have a personal story of your experience with Sybil Atteck? The following link provides more background on the Sybil Atteck Biography Project, images of some artworks that the project is in search of, and how you can contribute.  Messages sent to Keith Atteck from this site are secure and not visible to anyone else.